Gwyneth Paltrow was left squirming with embarrassment during a recent appearance on U.S. Tv show Chelsea Lately when she was reminded of her oral sex advice to a troubled pal.

Host Chelsea Handler recalled overhearing the actress' words of wisdom to a fellow guest at a dinner party who had been rowing with her husband.

The comedienne said, "She's (Paltrow) an amazing advice giver. One of our friends was like, 'I got into a big fight with my husband and I went home, I started to scream and yell...' and you were like, 'Whatever you're doing, do the opposite; if you feel angry go at him (husband) with love and you give him a b**w job'."

Stunned Paltrow giggled and hid her face in her hands and responded, "Oh my God, what if my mother sees this show?"

But Handler said, "People need to know you're like that, because you are... You are a good advice giver."

Living up to her reputation, the actress then advised Handler to see a doctor after recalling a recent chat with her boyfriend, hotelier Andre Balazs, during which he revealed the absent-minded comedienne had accidentally driven her gardener's car to work.

Handler joked, "You know what, I'll go to your neurologist. You have a doctor for everything... Whatever you're doing is working out."