Cindy McCain is not the only person to have been offended by Gwyneth Paltrow's comments, published on Monday, in which she likened the dangers of internet trolls to war.

Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow made the comments at a technology conference on Monday.

In an interview with Clashdaily, a website and talk show which seemingly prides itself on being as butch as possible, Green Beret Bryan Sykes described the horrors he witnessed and endured whilst enlisted in the US military in Iraq.  Surely such an interview would raise awareness of the destructive nature of war, the deep psychological impact combat has on those serving in the military and the reasons behind the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan? 

Of course not! Why would anyone be interested in that when we have Gwyneth Paltrow's ill-advised comments to distract us?

Following Paltrow's recent comments in which she likened googling herself and enduring internet trolls to being in a war, there has been a backlash from the wives of Republican senators and members of the military. Sykes is one such member and he issued an open to letter to Paltrow regarding her recent comments.

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Cindy McCain
Cindy McCain has also commented on Paltrow's recent analogy.

The Green Beret and "bad-ass" (yes - it is that cringe worthy just see Clashdaily) in question, Sykes wrote a sarcastic retort to Paltrow in which he attempted to liken her lifestyle to war. Sykes wrote "I can only imagine the difficulty of waking up in a 12,000 square foot Hollywood home," before embarking on a tirade in which he attacked the 41-year-old actress' stance. Sykes, pictured holding a gun somewhat nonchalantly, stated You and the other "A-listers" that think like you are laughable. You all have actually convinced yourselves that you in some way face difficulty on a regular basis."

Most of us haven't been to war - and one would hope most people will never be forced to undergo such a horrific ordeal - but that does not mean to say we will stop using language associated with war altogether. We use war and language associated with it on such a regular basis that it is an integral part of our lexicon. But in the hopes of not offending any member of the armed forces let us attempt, where possible, not to drop the F-bomb, call a ceasefire or rally the troops - at least in everyday conversation. We may even have to stop 'chatting' lest World War 1 veterans begin turning in their graves. 

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Gwyneth Paltrow
Paltrow's comments have been highly criticised.