American Idol went retro last night, with a look back at the 1980s. And on the day that Whitney Houston's final coroner's report was released, Jessica Sanchez paid tribute to the late singer with a rendition of one of her more upbeat number, 'How Will I Know?' Sanchez had some extra support from her guest mentor, No Doubt's Gwen Stefani. Stefani revealed that she was impressed that a 16 year old could produce such a great vocal performance. Even Randy Jackson, who had previously worked with Whitney herself, said "I can't believe the maturity you have."

Deandre was first in front of the judges, choosing to sing 'I Like It' by DeBarge, whose singer El DeBarge was recently in the news when he was arrested on suspicion of drug possession. Although his nerves were a problem in rehearsal, Steven Tyler told him his performance was "totally captivating," adding "I forgot where I was." Hollie opted for a version of 'Flashdance' but her performance fell flat, with Jennifer Lopez telling her "Your pitch was all over the place." Randy agreed, telling her "You're listening to what everyone is telling didn't feel like the pop song it is."

The contestants later had to pair up and perform a duet. The stand-out of these featured Jessica Sanchez once more. The teen performed a version of Aretha Franklin and George Michael's 'I Knew You were Waiting For Me' which turned out to be so powerful that they elicited a standing ovation from the judges. Now, the contestants must wait to find out who will be fighting for survival in the bottom three.