Review of Cool Single by Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani Cool Single

Gwen Stefani releases another single from her popular solo album 'Love, Angel, Music, Baby'. She has all the sultry expression to grab one audience and yet the soft vulnerability to grab another. There's innocence and acceptance in the lyrics that can't help but touch the most hardened of souls and there's oozing femininity. I guess the romance in 'Cool' makes this song so heart warming. The music has all the hallmarks of complete cheese, with 80's synths, 80's guitar, and even chimes. However because she's 'cool' and she's got a story to tell you listen with fond intent and glide along with the lovely ride that is Gwen Stefani. She's a sweet diva who's sexy and honest and this track has all the pop sensibility to make you go mushy yet there's a touch of class to give it credibility. Mainstream genius really.

Tareck Ghoneim