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Kabbalah is a profound teaching, with applications in all departments of human knowledge, from physics to psychology, and it embodies the essentional metaphysical teachings of the world's religion. It is based upon the Sacred Law of Three,and of Seven, which principles are completely unknown to popular thought or within contemporary science. Scientist and philosophers today think mainly dualistically --in 2's -- about any phenomena they study, whereas the metaphysical principles of Kabbalah suggest all things embody a triune and sevenfold nature. For example, whereas modern scientist talk of matter and energy, a mystical perspective suggests a triune nature of matter, energy and intelligence, all upon seven planes of being. Modern scientists are 'third force blind' and do not understand how information and intelligence permeate space and provide a medium within which transformations of matter and energy occur, and within which we live and move and have our being. Science thinks there is only the world made, and that there are no underlying process creating and sustaining the phenomena of life. The Kabbalists have the most complex model of Intelligent Design offered within science or modern culture. In this view, intelligences, even spiritual and divine intelligences are permeating space. Further, whereas modern scientists consider that there is only the 'material world,' the Kabbalist has a scheme of four world orders--of the worlds of emanation, creation, formation, and the world made. Modern psychology is usually defined as the 'science of the mind and behavior,' studying the mind and body, again in a simplistic dualistic scheme. There is no psychology of the heart and soul, or spirit. Again, the mystical psychology of Kabbalah depicts human's more as having a triune nature of thinking, feeling and the body-- head, heart and hands. A human being, in Kabbalah, has a divine nature, a spiritual nature, a soul nature, and a material body. Kabbalah offers a way of trying to comprehend any area of life or science, in terms of understanding the multidimensional universe. By contrast, modern science and materialist philosophies are the most superfical and simplistic schemes, and close their eyes to the huge evidence for paranormal phenomena, from ghost and near death experiences, and so much more. Kabbalah can not only be applied to understanding the material world, but also the multidensional nature of life. Not all people are as foolish as modern scientists who imagine that human beings have no spiritual or soul nature. There are people in life who know better.Whereas modern psychologist studing human consciousness mainly distinguish in a dualistic way between the conscious and the unconscious, or left brain and right brain, Kabbalah offers a complex model of the metaphysical processes involved in attaining experiences of awakened states, and varied forms of higher emotions and mystical realizations. Because people in life are so asleep, and have only the pseudo-knowledge of modern science philosophy or education, or the dogmas of religion, they have no idea of the profound nature of Kabbalah. It is discouraging to read much of the press on Madonna and Guy Richie and the Kabbalah Centre, which is so simplistic and small minded. Kabbalah teaches a human being how to become a star, attain Self realization. It is a complex psychology of consciousness and the heart, more complex and detailed than any contemporary ideas in psychology, philosophy and science. It is because the masses of people are so asleep and conditioned by the pushes and pulls of mechanical life, that they have no appreciation of something as complex as Kabbalah.Kabbalah is a teaching and it is 'scientific,' if you understand something of its inner secrets. I do not want to endorse any particular individuals or schools, but apart from that, Kabbalah is a scientific model and theory about the hidden nature of a multidimensional reality, far beyond anything imagined in the mainstream of contemporary thought.Christopher P. Holmes Ph.D. (psych)www.zeropoint.ca

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