Guy Ritchie's girlfriend was surprised by how "charming" he was when they first met.

Jacqui Ainsley has been dating the 42-year-old director since March last year - ten months after they first met - and admitted she was captivated by him on their initial meeting, even though the timing wasn't right for either of them.

She said: "The first night we met I remember being surprised at how charming he was. He made a serious impact on me but it just wasn't the right time for us. The chemistry was certainly there but our Journey wasn't meant to begin yet.

"Obviously the physical attraction was there for me - though I can't speak on behalf of Guy."

When the pair eventually did arrange a date, the down- to-earth filmmaker took a delighted Jacqui to his own pub - The Punchbowl in London's Mayfair - for an informal meal.

Jacqui, 29, told Tatler magazine: "I was given the choice of posh or earthy and it's earthy all the way for me. I'd never been on a real date before. I've only had a few relationships and I've met them through work or on holiday with my family. I was nervous but it was the perfect place for a first night."

"We ate a lot, had a drink and just talked nonstop."