Princes’ William and Harry are about to jet off to the States for the wedding of their good friend Guy Pelly this weekend. Pelly has been a tabloid name for a while and obviously has friends in high places, but what do we know about the British nightclub manager?

Guy PellyGuy Pelly is marrying Lizzy Wilson on Saturday

Unsurprisingly Pelly has a true blue aristocratic background. His grandmother Monica, was a member of the Tate & Lyle sugar dynasty, while his mother, Lady Carolyn Herbert, was a former girlfriend of Prince Andrew, as well as a close friend of Princess Diana. Pelly has known the two princes for around 20 years, having met through their involvement in the Beautfort Hunt. Despite their long standing friendship, Pelly has often been pegged by the press as a bad ‘influence’ on the Princes, especially Harry. He has often been reported as the one who “introduced Harry to cannabis” and he was also by Harry’s side when he dressed in a Nazi uniform for a costume party.

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