Celebrity chef Guy Fieri's $200,000 bright-yellow Lamborghini was stolen from a San Francisco dealership in 2011.

A Northern Californian teen has been conviction of the grand theft auto on Wednesday (Oct 30th) by the Marin County panel as they found 19 year-old Max Wade guilty.

The jury heard evidence of Wade repelling into British motors in 2011 to steal the expensive convertible which was in the shop for repairs.

It took over a year for authorities to find the stolen vehicle which was recovered at a Richmond storage facility where Wade was renting a space. The thief stole the car to impress a girl but his attempt to win over the girl didn't go very well.

The troubled teen was also found guilty of attempted murder after he opened fire into a vehicle occupied by a man who was dating a girl Wade liked in a drive-by shooting. The two charges were unrelated.

According to NBC News, Fieri, who testified against Wade, told reporters outside the Marin County courthouse, "This has got so many other facets to it that are far more important than my car, quite frankly, it may be inconsequential. I mean, there's a bigger issue on the table."

The celebrity chef also told reporters that he used to receive tips about his car's whereabouts frequently;

"We would get calls all the time, I mean all the time," he cracked. "My friends would call me and say 'Listen, I just saw your car on the freeway.' And I'm like, 'Believe it or not, there's more than one yellow Lamborghini probably in Northern California.' And people would call and we'd get reports, my attorney would hear about it. To come to find out that he was driving it, brave kid."

Wade pleaded not guilty to all charges and now faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

guy fieri
Guy Fieri testified against Wade in his trail that found him guilty of all charges