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HiI'd like some advice please on how I can best get a song to Robbie. EMI aren't coming up on internet search or in the Yellow Pages. I wrote this song particularly for Robbie Williams a while ago. I think he'll like it. I felt particularly inspired to write after seeing 'La vie en Rose' in which songwriters played their songs to Edith Piaf (a discerning judge of good music) and if she liked them she simply said, "Oui! It's just me!"I'd like to give Robbie the chance to have a listen to at least one of my songs. Maybe I should go to Stoke on Trent or LA? Please advise me on how best I can get my disc to Robbie or better still, play the song I wrote in person. CheersClare* I share a historical musical connection with Guy as my Liverpool Kieran relatives (on my Mum's side) were also in the Liverpool Phil.

Posted 7 years 4 months ago by Fearless

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