Review of Call of the Wild Single by Gus Gus


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Released 16/06/2003

It is easy to forget that the nine piece Gus Gus have been going since 1995 Happy go lucky Bjorkesque jazzy, indie & dance crossover bands seem to be going through a renaissance with Venus Hum and Moloko also enjoying success. You don’t have to be a rocket science to figure out that if you are a funky dance lover from Iceland then Bjork is obviously going to be your main influence. This is evident in the dark, deep and mid-tempo 'Call of the Wild' containing Daniel Agust’s lush vocal style in the dark, which kicks off with a Sam La More G’day mate edit of the single.


The lyrics on this track are quite quirky covering the familiar topic of resisting one’s urges:

“The call of the wild is driving me crazy, bear with me baby.

I’ll keep it together; I’ll keep it together,”

The second track is the Gus Gus original version, which contains slower and eerier instrumentals especially at the start. The music resembles that which you would expect to be the soundtrack that accompanies a scary mission into the coldest and darkest recesses of the arctic. This is most certainly the best arrangement on the single with the song slowly building up, before the introduction of Daniel’s warm and welcoming vocals. Josh’s ‘Call of the Wink’ remix rounds matters off, though by the time this comes on you know every single lyric and get the impression that although it contains some intriguing distorted vocals to add a little variety, two versions of the song would have sufficed.

David Adair