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Guillemots We're Here Single

If you're on the search for this band, make sure that you actually get the band and not some description of a bird (the feathered variety). So this four piece band are set to release their single 'We're Here.

So anyway 'We're Here, errrm, well it's one of those tracks that, you know you like, but at the same time you don't know why. It's a nice enough and I think they're like my other half when it comes to music. She will use every piece of cutlery in the kitchen, and I think that these guys have used every instrument. The song seems like something you would expect to hear just as a feature film is being introduced (Hopefully that makes sense to everyone) You know, just as the music fades out the film fades in and comes to life. I don't know maybe this will get them a string of jobs to do soundtracks in the near future. If so I only charge 5% and you can get my address through contact music.

Mark Moore

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