Review of Dennis Bergkamp Single by Guildean Gang

Review of Guildean Gang's single 'Dennis Bergkamp'.

Guildean Gang Dennis Bergkamp Single

A four-piece from Bedfordshire, Guildean Gang are an unsigned outfit that have been causing a stir and garnering the support of DJs such as Zane Lowe, Steve Lamacq and Huw Stephens. This is their second self-release after 'Swirls', which was a limited edition vinyl.

Titled after the legendary Dutch footballer, 'Dennis Bergkamp' would appear to have very little lyrically to do with the Arsenal legend. Musically however, similar superlatives can be applied, as the song is unpredictably exciting and a classy affair which keeps you attentive. Not afraid to be a bit different from their peers, the result is ultimately an enjoyable listen that has you on your feet like one of the Dutch master's beautiful goals.

Alex Lai

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