Review of You're the one Single by Guerilla Black

Guerilla Black

Guerilla Black - You’re the one - Single Review


You’re the one

feat mario winans


Guerilla Black has released a love song with a classic theme here. Black sings of a girl from Crenshaw he wants but can’t have. A good message to send out to the street – don’t mess with your homeboy’s woman – but haven’t we heard this before? Black may have a glut of personal experience to draw material from but ‘You’re the one’ will

Guerilla Black - You’re the one - Single Review

only appeal to a young audience that are experiencing the mixed emotions of love for the first time. This is all very well for this release as they are probably his target audience, but he doesn’t do his hip-hop credibility any favours. However, if you like gangster rappers singing R&B then buy this track.