Slim Dunkin, the Waka Flocka Flame rapper who was murdered in Atlanta on Friday evening (December 16, 2011), was reportedly killed over a piece of candy. Homicide detective David Quinn believes a fight broke out over confectionaries sold inside the recording studio where the shooting took place.

In a play-by-play of the killing, Detective Quinn tells WSB-TV, "Someone came in and struck him and a fight insued. Now the information we're getting, and it's unconfirmed but, witnesses are saying that this whole thing started over a piece of candy". Witnesses say that after the dispute, the attacker left the recording studio to attain a gun, before returning to murder Slim. Quinn added, "Based on the evidence we have, whoever he was fighting with, secured a weapon and shot him" - it is assumed that "at least 20-30 people" were preparing for a photo shoot inside the studio at the time of the murder. He was shot around 5.30pm and quickly transported to the Grady Memorial Hospital in southeast Atlanta, where he was pronounced dead. At the time, police Maj. Keith Meadows told the Associated Press of the difficulty at determining what had happened, saying, "It seems everybody witnessed something very different.We're just trying to go back and make sense of everything".

A member of Waka Flocka Flame's Brick Squad crew, Slim Dunkin made his name with a series of appearances on Gucci Mane and FLOCK's mixtapes and albums.