Review of Of The Days Album by Grey Reverend

Brooklyn based musician L.D Brown AKA Grey Reverend releases his debut album 'Of The Days' on new label Motion Audio, the label being the brainchild of Jason Swinscoe from The Cinematic Orchestra, supported by Ninja Tunes. Swinscoe discovered Brown and worked with him with The Cinematic Orchestra until Grey Reverend was ready to release his debut.

Grey Reverend Of The Days Album

'Of The Day's is an acoustic guitar song writer's album that features only Grey Reverend singing his own songs, playing guitar and also playing a touch of harmonica. It is a truly raw and stripped down album displaying remarkable chord structures and compelling arrangements that to me display excellent guitar skills. At times 'Of The Days' flicks between the styles of Jose Gonzalez and Ben Harper. There is a deep resonance with Brown's voice and serenity, combined with the soulful guitar sound, creates a winning acoustic guitar album for me for sure. Considering the mood that Fink creates with his sounds, Reverend Grey is certainly catching that essence too.

'Of The Day's' is a really enjoyable listen and Grey Reverend is definitely one to watch. I thought most of the songs on this album had their own uniqueness, melancholy blues soul and expression that a prolific individual can only give. You can't deny good song writing talent and singer songwriters who express creativity in a stirring way will always win me over as it sounds so honest. I can certainly see the vision that Swinscoe saw in Reverend Grey and wish them all the success with 'Of The Day's. Wonderful stuff!

Tareck Ghoneim

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