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Actress Joan Leslie Dead

Joan Leslie Camille Greta Garbo

The star, born Joan Brodel, passed away on Monday (12Oct15) in Los Angeles, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Leslie began her career at the age of 11, opposite Greta Garbo and Robert Taylor in Camille, but her speaking scenes were deleted and her part was uncredited.

She went on to star in several TV shows and films including Yankee Doodle Dandy, Sergeant York, This Is the Army, High Sierra and Charlie's Angels.

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Jane Fonda Went Skinny Dipping With Michael Jackson

Jane Fonda Michael Jackson Greta Garbo Katharine Hepburn

Jane Fonda went skinny dipping with Michael Jackson.

The 77-year-old actress revealed she and Michael - who died of acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009 - enjoyed a naked swim together on the set of her 1981 movie 'On Golden Pond' when Michael came to stay with her.

She told the Hollywood Reporter: ''[He] came and stayed for 10 days. We lived together. I went skinny-dipping with him - also, by the way, with Greta Garbo!''

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Jane Fonda: 'I Swam Naked With Michael Jackson'

Jane Fonda Michael Jackson Greta Garbo

The legendary actress has worked with many big names during her illustrious career, and has a head full of happy and bizarre memories - and one of her favourite moments involved a young King of Pop and the iconic Swedish actress as she filmed 1981 movie On Golden Pond with Katharine Hepburn.

"Michael Jackson came and stayed for 10 days on the set," she told an audience at the Loyola Marymount University School of Film & TV as part of The Hollywood Reporter's Hollywood Masters series. "We lived together. I went skinny dipping with him. Also, by the way, with Greta Garbo.

"He (Jackson) wanted to be a movie star - he had just finished doing The Wiz - and he had a tape recorder with him, and every day I would bring him to the set, and in between scenes she (Katharine Hepburn) would sit down in a chair and pull over a chair for him and tell him stories."

Georgia May Jagger Borrows Clothes From Jerry Hall

Georgia May Jagger Jerry Hall Greta Garbo Bette Davis Vivienne Westwood Jade Jagger

Georgia May Jagger constantly borrows clothes from her mother.

The 22-year-old bombshell is envious of her mother Jerry Hall's designer wardrobe and is constantly battling her sisters Lizzie and Jade to get their hands on her covetable clutch bags and quirky cardigans.

She told France's ELLE magazine: ''Watching my mother get ready to go out [as a child], I would try on her shoes and hide amongst her dresses, it was magical. My big sisters stole everything before me, but [nowadays] I can still regularly borrow from her Vivienne Westwood cardigan collection.

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Keira Knightley Gets Style Tips From Art Gallery

Keira Knightley Audrey Hepburn Greta Garbo Klaxons

Keira Knightley gets fashion tips from art galleries.

The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actress allegedly spends her free time trawling London's National Portrait Gallery scrutinising pictures of old school Hollywood screen sirens so she can copy their best beauty and fashion looks.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Keira loves the classic look of old movie stars like Audrey Hepburn and Greta Garbo. The gallery is full of vintage prints of those films star and Keira spends ages checking them out to pick up fashion and style tips.

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Carice Van Houten To Portray Greta Garbo In Biopic

Game Of Thrones Carice Van Houten Greta Garbo

Game Of Thrones star Carice Van Houten has been cast as silver screen icon Greta Garbo in a new movie.

The Dutch actress, who portrays Melisandre in Game of Thrones, will study the Swedish movie star for the as-yet-untitled biopic, which will chronicle the film legend's humble beginnings as shopgirl in Stockholm to her heyday as one of the world's most enigmatic beauties.

Van Houten, who will also produce the project, tells, "I was raised with silent films. I have always maintained an endless fascination for that era. Greta Garbo has gotten to me more than any other movie star and never let me go. I am strongly drawn to her story, her art, her loneliness and her beautiful complex structure."

Greta Garbo Auction Brings In Big Bids

Greta Garbo

Movie legend Greta Garbo's belongings caused a stir at auction in Beverly Hills on Friday (14Dec12) as fans and collectors alike clamoured to get their hands on the actress' clothing and jewellery.

Bidding stunned many experts as a haul of items, including Garbo's favourite black velvet evening gown and her passport, went under the hammer for 10 times more than expected during the first of a two-day sale at Julien's Auctions.

The 1930s dress, which was expected to fetch $1,200 (£750), sold for $13,750 (£8,590), while her passport went under the hammer for $15,000 (£9,400) - $10,000 (£6,250) more than expected.

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Hollywood Costume - Press View Held At The Victoria And Albert Museum.

L, Camelot, Vanessa Redgrave, R, Guinevere, Queen Christina and Greta Garbo - L) Camelot - Vanessa Redgrave as Guinevere; (R) Queen Christina - Greta Garbo as Queen Christina Wednesday 17th October 2012 Hollywood Costume - press view held at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

L, Camelot, Vanessa Redgrave, R, Guinevere, Queen Christina and Greta Garbo

Grand Hotel Review

"People come and people go, and nothing ever happens at the Grand Hotel." Thus observes Dr. Otternschlag (Lewis Stone) of the Berlin hotel that serves as the setting for the Oscar-winning 1932 film. The film, like the hotel, is packed with opulence, and the cast was, at the time, the highest concentration of starpower the screen had ever seen: Greta Garbo as the dancer Grusinskaya whose cold surface is softened by a budding romance with Baron Geigern (John Barrymore); Lionel Barrymore as Otto Kringelein, a critically ill man on an end-of-his-life spree and a former employee of the company owned by the industrialist Preysing (Wallace Beery), whom he dislikes; Joan Crawford as the staff typist who takes up with the sick man; and a supporting cast -- Jean Hersholt, Robert McWade, Ferdinand Gottschalk -- whose fame has dimmed today, but who represented the cream of the crop in a Depression-stricken America.

In 1932, however, the sum was even greater than its parts, and Grand Hotel was such an event that the New York Times review had as much to do with the chaos of the opening-night crowd as with the film itself. Based on the hit Vicki Baum novel, the film introduced the so-called portmanteau genre (Dinner at Eight was the most famed of the follow-ups) in which the lives and stories of a group of diverse people are brought together by circumstances and emerge changed. It also featured Garbo's most repeated line ("I want to be alone"), and its lavish production makes it a touchstone in MGM and Hollywood history.

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Queen Christina Review

Widely (and strangely) considered one of Garbo's best films, Queen Christina is a loosely historical romance about a Scandinavian woman who becomes queen at age five. As an adult (as Garbo), Christina becomes jaded with ruling the country and escapes to the countryside in the guise of a man (which Garbo achieves by wearing a hat and lowering her voice). The funniest moment comes when a disguised Garbo is given a coin... with her face on it. Ha! Unfortunately, once the film turns into a romance, the movie degenerates into a snoozy Catholic vs. Protestant melodrama as Christina is wooed by a Spanish noble.

Hepburn's Long Lesbian List

Katharine Hepburn Greta Garbo Claudette Colbert Judy Holliday Ernest Hemingway John Ford George Stevens Robert Ryan Robert Mitchum Burt Lancaster Paul Henreid

Four-times OSCAR-winner Katherine Hepburn reportedly had affairs with JUDY GARLAND, Greta Garbo and other A-list ladies - according to a new biography about the iconic actress.

Author DARWIN PORTER claims Hepburn, who died last year (JUN03), was busy romancing both men and women during her younger years in his new book KATHARINE THE GREAT.

Porter claims Hepburn had a longterm relationship with AMERICAN EXPRESS heiress LAURA HARDING and romanced Claudette Colbert, Judy Holliday and her close friend IRENE SELZNICK, the daughter of LOUIS B MAYER and wife of producer DAVID O SELZNICK.

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Greta Garbo

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Grand Hotel Movie Review

Grand Hotel Movie Review

"People come and people go, and nothing ever happens at the Grand Hotel." Thus observes...

Grand Hotel Movie Review

Grand Hotel Movie Review

"People come and people go, and nothing ever happens at the Grand Hotel." Thus observes...

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