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Wilderness Festival 2014 Reveal Late Night Revelry With DJs, Cabaret And Candlelight, Bonfire Stages And More

Posted on 01 May 2014

Wilderness Festival 2014 Reveal Late Night Revelry With Djs, Cabaret And Candlelight, Bonfire Stages And More

Southport Weekender 2014 - Preview

As the pace of 2014 quickens, only one thing is on our mind - and that's the great party that occurs every year at Southport Weekender. The 50th celebration of this sensational event is just weeks away and we are about to experience what SPW does so well in what looks to be the best so far.  The thought of heading down to Minehead again so soon is truly thrilling. 

Southport Weekender 2014 - Preview

The world continues to spin, seemingly faster than ever these days, so we have to be sure to allow space for good times and that is always guaranteed at this epic weekender. No matter what inspires you from your time there, you always take home that much appreciated and very special slice of soul each year. There's nowhere else in the world quite like it and that's why we see so many cutting edge international artists eager to play at Southport Weekender and continuing to return with another tune to drop. Obviously the 50th is going to be particularly special with so many soul stars and real legends such as Chakka Khan performing, and a remarkable DJ line-up setting the scene for a fantastic summer.

Reflecting on the 40th anniversary event in Pontins 8 years ago, it's crazy to think how much has changed in the world of music. Alas, it's only right to mention those who are no longer with us and who have added so much to the Weekender - I refer, of course, to the shocking news of the passing of Godfather of House Music Frankie Knuckles. In this cycle of 10, the events of Southport Weekender went from 2 to 1. The circumstances have been challenging and dramatically changing for sure. Southport Weekender has now settled at Butlins and, despite the changes, the commitment and loyalty for this world-acclaimed event remains unabated and respected by all.

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Beat-Herder 2014 Announces First Wave Of Artists Happy Mondays, The Orb, Boney M Plus Many More

Posted on 06 March 2014

Beat-herder 2014 Announces First Wave Of Artists Happy Mondays, The Orb, Boney M Plus Many More

The Hottie And The Nottie Review

The Hottie and the Nottie is a clichéd film that manages to be both predictable and offensive. That's OK, people who rent The Hottie and the Nottie won't be looking for high art or a subtle satire on the superficiality of the West Coast. In fact if you're thinking of renting The Hottie and the Nottie, there is likely only one reason: You're hoping to enjoy the movie because it is awful, the idea being that movies can be so bad they actually become enjoyable. It is a little like getting a kick out of watching Plan 9 from Outer Space.

The Hottie and the Nottie follows the travails of Nate Cooper (Joel Moore) as he tries to woo the "hottest girl in L.A.," Cristabelle Abbot (Paris Hilton). Nate's pursuit of Cristabelle is aided by his first-grade friend Arno Blount, played with enthusiasm by Greg Wilson, who happens to have a three-inch thick file on Cristabelle. Arno lives with his mother, so one surmises he has plenty of time to devote to cataloging first grade friends.

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Greg Wilson Monday 4th February 2008 Greg Wilson Afterparty for the premiere of 'The Hottie and the Nottie' held at the Green Door Hollywood, California

Greg Wilson

Slacker Review

To understand Slacker is to understand Austin. If you see the film and you don't enjoy it, you might consider a visit to the burg next time you're in Texas. Although the buildings are bigger, chain stores have replaced the indies, and the traffic is worse, Austin -- as a populace -- is a town that never changes, no matter what gets thrown at it.

I lived in Austin when Slacker was made in 1991 -- I was a junior at The University of Texas at the time, not cool enough to personally know anyone involved with the production but certainly aware of it when it came out. You couldn't avoid it: The film earned a miniscule release and was ignored at the national level, but in the town of Austin (population about 800,000 at the time), it got the red carpet treatement, playing in local theaters all year long.

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