Calvin Klein model Greg Plitt's death has been ruled an accident after the hunk was killed by a speeding train.

The Los Angeles coroner has ruled Plitt died from multiple blunt force injuries after he was fatally struck by a train in Burbank, California on Saturday (17Jan15).

The reality star and movie stunt double's girlfriend Christina Stejskal has confirmed reports her late boyfriend was shooting action scenes for a video on his website when he fell on the train tracks.

She tells, "He was just trying to get the best shot. He wanted to push things to the limit."

Meanwhile, a Metrolink spokesman tells the website Plitt and his team were not authorised to film anywhere near the train tracks.

He says, "We get two to three requests a month for filming and we go through a permitting process where we do a site check, put everyone through a detailed safety briefing and most importantly we have a flag man there with the crew on the day of filming. The flag man knows the schedule of the trains and communicates with operations, but none of that occurred."

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