This weekend's Reading Festival will see pop-punk heroes Green Day perform their breakthrough album Dookie in its entirety, reports The Independent. The band broke the news on Bbc's Radio 1.
Billy Joe Armstrong, the band's frontman, had suggested that the 90's band would be playing this years festival on the internet, by tweeting "Hello England! What rhymes with shredding??!!" This will be Greenday's first performance at Reading since they headlined the indie-rock festival in 2004. The news will delight the thousands of festival-goers, due for a soak in the Berkshire town. Dookie was a seminal punk album featuring some of the bands most well-known hits, including Basket Case and When I Come Around, and the droves of Green Day fans undoubtedly attending this weekend will sing along to every word in a nostalgic haze of punk lyrics, cheap lager and teenage lust, rendering the forecasted rain a mere side note.
The return of Green Day is not a conventional one; after appearing in mobile gaming smash Angry Birds, and a popular tour of Europe and America, the 3-piece have announced three released in quick succession. Uno! comes out in the UK on September 24, followed by Dos! on November 12 and Tre! on January 14. In all, there are 38 new songs. The band has also announced a new tour of the U.K, starting with a stadium show at The Emirates in London on June 1.