American pop-punkers Green Day are collaborating with the ever-growing Angry Birds franchise to promote their new releases, reports MTV News.
The band will be immortalised within the game in a new edition of the mobile gaming sensation, which is part of the Angry Birds Friends series. This will see customised Green Day pigs, which bear a striking resemblance to band members Billie Joe, Mike and Tre. The special version will also include 10 new previously unseen levels. "Everything's going to be coming from different directions. We really want to go viral with a lot of this stuff," Armstrong told Mtv News. "Just whatever it takes to get the music out there." It appears the band are utilising a more modern method of marketing than they're used to, with their first album being released in 1990, three years after they initially formed. Being a fan of the game seems to help, though; "We're all fans of Angry Birds," says Armstrong. "It's such an addictive game that when we first started playing it we couldn't stop. Go Team Green!"
The band are currently on a European tour, hitting London's Shepherds Bush Empire this Wednesday, before travelling to France, Germany and Belgium, where there tour concludes. Their new album, Uno! is due in stores on September 25, although a few songs including Oh Love and Kill the DJ have already been released. The next two instalments of the album-trilogy will be released in November and January.