Green Day are working on new music.

The 'American Idiot' hitmakers began recording a new LP while on tour in Europe last year.

Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong said: "We did some demos in Berlin, some in Stockholm, some just outside of Glasgow and some in Amsterdam.

"We wanted to get the new songs down in some early form."

The punk trio - made up of Billie Joe on vocals, Mike Dirnt on bass guitar and Tre Cool on drums - are only in the early stages of recording and no song titles have yet been confirmed.

The album will be a follow up to 2009's '21st Century Breakdown'.

As well as creating new music the band recently worked on a musical - 'American Idiot' - which next month is to head to Broadway for the first time.

Last year Billie Joe admitted that at 37, he no longer wanted to take drugs.

He said: "What will I never do again? Methamphetamine. I'd rather be huffing gas than sticking speed up my nose.

"I can't do acid anymore, either. I would end up naked on top of the building, sucking my thumb and trying to find a happy place if I was ever to drop acid again."