Not one for the punk purists out there but nonetheless an exceptional album - no-one can deny that Green Day were a huge part of the 90s revival of punk rock, and major label debut 'Dookie' is their best example of that.

Green DayGreen Day's 'Dookie' is our album of the day

The artist...
Green Day are Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tré Cool and Jason White. They formed in East Bay, California in 1986, releasing their first album '39/Smooth' in 1990. They're a controversial subject in the world of punk, but they've managed to acquire five Grammys in their career and have sold more than 75 million records globally.

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The album...
Chock-full of catchy tunes and with all the rebellion of punk music but without the politics, 'Dookie' came along in 1994 via Reprise Records with some fresh ideas about punk rock. 

Why you need to hear it...
It's like your classic punk, but doesn't force you to care about political issues. Sometimes just rocking out to some loud, infectious tunes is all you want to do - feeling guilty about the economical state of a nation is just baggage, right?

The best song...
'Basket Case'. To this day it's one of their catchiest songs and pretty much epitomises the band's sound at their best, before their 'American Idiot' days. 

Where are they now?
Last year the band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and claimed to be working on their twelfth studio album. We last saw them performing alongside Joan Jett at Tribeca Film Festival 2016.