Review of Fires in Distant Buildings Album by Gravenhurst

Fires in Distant Buildings
Warp Records
Album Review

Gravenhurst Fires in Distant Buildings Album

This impressive album has a simple, pared down style and is choc full of velvety, sleek vocals and rich bass and guitar sounds. It has a certain mature, intimate quality to it that makes it the rock equivalent to Massive Attack or Morcheeba. It's relaxed, it's varied and it's intelligent. But it's not necessarily very immediate, or indeed commercial. It does not rely on hooky choruses, but is more of a slow-burn, with lots of depth and layers to appreciate over time. Some of the songs here are ten minutes long and there are frequent instrumental breaks. This shows a confidence and refusal to compromise on the part of the band, and requires patience and attention from the listener. Definitely one for musos.

Sharon Edge