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Gravenhurst Trust Single

For those who are familiar with Gravenhurst's last album 'Fires In Distant Buildings' the new single Trust might come as a slight surprise. Especially when you consider the Bristol quartet's previous work has seen them exercise a tendency towards the post-rock sound. Thankfully, this seemingly new direction is a more than welcome transformation (without discounting the brilliance of the last record of course).

Relying on wonderful contrasting guitars arrangements which are met with a fragile male vocal from Nick Talbot, Gravenhurst's Trust is a sleepy, atmospheric number which hinders on the shoulder of quality nineties Brit-pop.

Just when you thought Gravenhurst had completely washed their hands with their previous output, the b-side 'Underfoot' sees the band return to the sound which has won them many admirers with a more up-tempo number with driving aesthetics.

The contrast between single & b-side leaves me confused. Have Gravenhurst changed direction or not? With the new album 'The Western Lands' due out in September it won't be long before we all find out. Whatever the outcome I can assure you that Trust is quality single well worth checking out.

Colin Burrill

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