Review of Garden Of Happiness Single by Grandadbob

Garden Of Happiness
Single Review

Grandadbob Garden Of Happiness Single

Sounding like a musical mash-up of Scritti Polliti meets Portishead , Garden of Happiness is the second album from the Sheffield based Grandadbob.

Aloof with clean, bubbly and colourful electronic edits, warm acoustic tonality and elegant classical arrangements, Garden Of Happiness is an album drenched in dreamy pop aesthetics. Highlights include the opening song "Come With Me" with it's pleasant vocal harmonies & smooth instrumentation, and the stunning "Pictures" with it's crystal clear content, pop beats and beautiful vocal melodies,

This record features some rather enchanting & pleasant vocal moments, although it's the lyrical content that proves to be Grandadbob's major downfall, often the generic pop songwriting and rather idealistic lyrical & Boy/girl vocal exchanges that are enough to even have the likes of the garden fairy reaching for the sick bag. Shame, because there is a hell of a lot of potential here.

Colin Burrill