Review of You And I Single by Graham Coxon

Graham Coxon
You And I
Single Review

Graham Coxon You And I Single

So lets face it, Blur were on the road to ruin. Damon Albun went off to do his own thing, thinking he was bigger than the band, and Graham Coxon thought, fair enough but I am not gonna sit on my rear end and wait till he gets fed up and give Blur another go. Enter the successful solo artist that is Graham Coxon.

Even after all this however, Grahams new single You And I, is something that you would of expected to hear in the hey day of when Blur were a band to be reckoned with, and the question has to be asked; Why did he not get a chance to do more vocals when with the band. This is a great upbeat track and I would go straight out and buy the album on the back of this single.

Mark Moore

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