Review of Colours Album by Graffiti6

What a colourful little package this is, a psychedelic rapture encased in a brightly laced CD brought to us by, singer/songwriter, Jamie Scott and producer TommyD. Quick fact: TommyD once produced Right said Fred amongst others, but don't let that put you off having a listen to Colours. An unlikely pairing brought together as an experiment 18 months ago. Having released an EP earlier in the year, the duo brings us Colours, their first full album.

Graffiti6 Colours Album

Stone In My Heart kicks it all off. A funked up, rave-esque tune, which, makes you wonder where this is all going. As the tracks continue we are powered into a mix of moments and magic, all supported by captivating blissful melodies.

Track after track they provide something different. Annie Save Me and Stare Into The Sun are two tunes you may have heard already. The latter was used for The Sun's recent advertising campaign. Encompassed in both these tracks are the repetitive hook choruses and a poppy feel. This Man is slower, fused with smoky vocals and hypnotic beats contrary to Free, which, encompasses a '60's style sound with added bells. Title track, Colours, provides a vibrant outlook, which matches the layout of the album. It's stunning in a euphoric sense of awareness. A catchy song, there's a sense of romance about it which makes it dreamy. Stop Mary, is another upbeat song that will have you dancing around. Colours, is brought to a close with Over You, a simple vocal lead track. It's an amazing close, which just shows the range Graffit6 has. It's simply spellbinding.

The twosome's laidback approach on Colours provides easy listening at its finest, that's not saying they are a middle of the road act. It's hard to pinpoint their sound; there are so many influences and variations within the music. There's a faint retro vibe throughout the album. They've picked up on a range of the best of soul, motown, psychedelia mixed it with hints of pop, dance and funk and it works. On listening to Colours it becomes poignant, the songs complement each other. Scott's vocals are like silk floating over a unique formula giving out candyfloss vibes.

It's a positive offering from the duo and truly unique to their contemporaries.

Jenn McCambridge

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