Review of Annie You Save Me Single by Graffiti6

Formed 18 months ago by Tommy D and Jamie Scott, Graffiti6 hit unexpected success when the first fruit of their labour - 'Stare Into The Sun' - was picked to soundtrack an advert. Completed by third member Jimi Crayon, the act knuckled down to create a record which is due later this year, while the collective is also currently touring Europe.

Graffiti6 Annie You Save Me Single

Whilst they may have yet to break into the mainstream, one listen of 'Annie You Saved Me' is enough to understand why Graffiti6 found themselves the subject of much label interest. Drenched in synths, it is mature pop of the highest order, mixing various elements of urban sounds such as soul and hip-hop to craft a rich sound. It is a result which can be heard repeatedly whilst retaining its charm; surely a signal of quality and longevity if ever one was needed, very much moistening the appetite for the debut album.

Alex Lai

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