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Gotan Project Diferente Single

Everyone's favourite Tango visionaries are back. After a three year break since their first album 'La Revancha Del Tango' won worldwide acclaim and many awards to boot, Philippe Cohen Solal, Christophe Mueller and Eduardo Makaroff have dusted down the Marakas waxed the Bongos and preped their Parisian knowhow for what should prove to be on of this years big World Dance music releases.

To get the juices flowing in anticipation, the French masters give us 'Diferente', off their forthcoming Album 'Lunatico', again on XL Records and due to hit the shelves in April.

Much of what made the first album so sucessful has been retained here, namely the remarkable talent they collaborated with from Argentina. They have again teamed up with vocalist Cristina Vilallongo who makes love to you with her astonishingly sensual voice. The track flows over with the distinct accordion playing of Nini Flores, and a beautifully simple Double Bass line (just the one note!).

But that being said, there is change here (which is obvious with a first song called 'Different'!), and so less is there of the Dub/Hip hop undertones, and more of the Dance. It's deliciously put together as you'd expect, is pure Gotan with an infectious feeling that trickles over with Latino flare. I'd get up and dance if I knew how!

Rating 8/10

p.s. Prepare to be hypnotised by 'Domingo', spoken by Jimi Santos for the B-Side. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Elliott Bambrough

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