Review of Feel Good inc Single by Gorillaz


Gorillaz - Feel Good inc - Single Review

Gorillaz - Feel Good inc - Single Review

Feel Good inc

A glittering reintroduction to the Gorillaz was definitely hoped for and ‘Feel Good inc’ certainly delivers.

There’s been much discussion about the menacing laughter on this track but let’s be fair, without it would we really be listening to a Gorillaz track? It adds that feel of animation and mystery and takes you away form thinking about Damon Albarn and De La Soul.

‘Feel Good inc’ does exactly what it says on the tin and its carefree simple vocal arrangement spearheaded by Albarn really transports you into that convertible on a hot summers day.

De La Soul have done a champion job with the rap and the separate sections of the track are clearly defined thanks to it.

‘Feel Good inc’ has, as always on any Gorillaz track, brilliant production coupled with simple and light-hearted but highly effective songwriting. It’s gonna rocket!


Jemma Volp-Fletcher