Mary Berry, the Queen of cakes and nationally loved judge of BBC's The Great British Bake Off, has publically voiced her distaste towards not only fellow TV presenter and chef Gordon Ramsey, but much of modern television. Shows such as Ramsay's The F Word, Strictly Come Dancing and I'm A Celebrity... leave a nasty taste for the 78 year-old who condemns modern television entertainment as "violent, cruel and noisy."

Mary Berry
Mary Berry Slammed Both Reality TV Shows And Other Cooking Programmes.

Speaking to the Radio Times to promote a new series of the baking contest, as reported by The Daily Mail, Berry disparages celebrity chef Ramsay with his notoriously filthy language and characteristically crude style. "I hate Gordon Ramsay's programmes: I don't know if he's been told it makes good television," states the comparatively soft-spoken baker who prefers to let candidates down gently even when it's clear they've made a huge baking blunder.

Gordon Ramsey
Profanity-Prone Ramsay Once Swore 243 Times During An Episode Of Great British Nightmare.

Berry moved on to show her disapproval of other reality TV shows, saying "I won't do Strictly or any of those ghastly reality programmes. I'm A Celebrity would be the end. It makes me shudder." She even revealed that although she hated Jamie Oliver at first, she enjoys his cookery programmes now: "James [sic] Oliver is a joy. I saw him yesterday and he agreed that when he was 23 he was irritating, bumptious and over the top, but he's made cooking fun."

She compared the cookery contest she co-judges with baker Paul Hollywood as an "educational" and "family" experience and successful as a result: "The Great British Bake Off is family entertainment. There aren't many programmes where all ages can sit and watch from beginning to end. Everything else is violent, cruel and noisy. We're educational without viewers realising it."

Paul Hollywood Mary Berry
Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry Will Be Back On TV Screens For A Fourth GBBO Season.

Berry, who is married with two surviving children - one was killed in a car accident in 1989, even shared a few grumbles about her bearded fellow judge, and GBBO "bad cop," Paul Hollywood. Although she admits that she is "immensely fond of him," she took issue with Paul's approach to the television show. "I respect Paul but get infuriated sometimes because he worries what will sell, whereas I'm fussy about taste. He's commercial," said Berry, who has authored 70 cookbooks.

The Great British Bake Off will return on Tuesday 20th August, 8pm, on BBC2.