Earlier this year Gordon Ramsey agreed to pay a reported £2m to his father-in-law, Chris Hutcheson, who had been the Chief Executive Ramsey's company until he was sacked two years ago. The £2m was meant to pay for the 30% stake that Hutcheson had in the business and to settle their dispute after he had been dismissed. But in a bitter move against his daughter's husband, Hutcheson opted to try to 'wind up' Ramsey's business, with the potential to render it in liquidation, reports the Evening Standard.

According to Hutcheson there was an outstanding £600,000 debt due to which he applied for a winding up petition. Company Rescue describe a winding up petition as: "If a creditor moves to wind your company up, they are usually serious in their intent to recover the money it is owed and or put the company out of business." 

A source close to Gordon Ramsay said: "The winding up petition was published maliciously and in contravention of the court rules which amounts to an abuse of process. The issue between the parties was never about GRH's solvency. The court has been satisfied and the petition has now been dismissed." Adding, "The HMRC investigation is as a result of an issue which arose under previous management. We are actively and amicably working with HMRC to resolve it."

Today the case has been thrown out of court, Ramsay's restaurant business remains safe.