Gordon Ramsay orders his family to cook for him.

The chef believes it is important for his kids to be competent in the kitchen so encourages Megan, 14, twins Jack and Holly, 12, and 10-year-old Matilda - his children with wife Tana - to work from his own recipes in the evenings.

He said: ''When the kids finish their homework in the evening now I say, 'Right, pick up daddy's book. Page 227. The North African eggs. Here we go. Megan, page 72, you know, quick lasagne. Matilda, Caesar salad with grilled chicken. Move your ass. Tana, page 275 chocolate fondant, f**king now.'

''All of a sudden dinner's sorted just like that. Bang. Half an hour later they come back, and almost like they're presenting the dish on Master Chef, it's quite funny, but they all cook.

''I think even if they never follow my footsteps as a chef just learning how to cook for yourself I think's really important.''

Gordon also revealed his favourite way to bond with his son is to indulge in a ''snack attack'' of fries with spicy beans.

Asked for his perfect snack food, he told Absolute Radio: ''Take some French fries, get them really nice and crispy. Grated parmesan cheese, a little touch of Tabasco, and a little dousing of Worcestershire Sauce. Get a can of beans, chop up some chilli, little bit of onion, really roast it, caramelise it. Add the baked beans in there, and just fit the chips on top of the baked beans, honestly I'm like a pig in s**t.

''I absolutely love it, and that is a snack that Jack and I indulge in on a Sunday night when the girls are getting their hair done and their homework ready. I said, 'Mate, shall we snack attack?' He said, 'Yeah, let's do it dad', and course if he does it then he's not going to get told off by Tana, if I do it I get told off. So I taught him how to make it, it's perfect.''