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kiwi band kick off their UK career with single "Blowing Dirt".
GoodShirt are a kiwi band kicking off their UK career in September 2003 with the release of the single "Blowing Dirt". To coincide with this release GoodShirt will be performing a series of showcase gigs throughout the UK from Glasgow through London.

Goodshirt Blowing Dirt Single

Best described as "electro-pop rockers", the band racked up a total of three awards at this year's New Zealand Music Awards, including Best Single, Best Video and Best Songwriter and their 2003 tour includes Australia, Canada and the USA.

Their debut single will only be available as a free download on the Barking Spiders website, or for purchase on 7" vinyl in selected independent record stores and on the website.

Press Reviews in New Zealand & Australia

"Good is the genuine article. The singles Blowing Dirt and Green are the highlights here, the latter particularly impresses, thanks to maddeningly catchy riffs and vocals."


Music - GoodShirt
Music - GoodShirt

"Eccentric enigmatic electro rock outfit GoodShirt display a compelling knowledge of the location and uses of their synthesisers bend wheel. Sounding like early Roxy Music with all the leery, attitude of Ferry and the flipped out aesthetics of a long haired Eno, I was quietly impressed…"

SINGLE OF THE WEEK 'Blowing Dirt': Revolver Magazine, Sydney, Australia

"Unlike their countrymen the Datsuns and D4, GoodShirt have avoided the heavy guitar-driven influences of AC/DC, instead using a synthesizer to drive a wedge through their quirky lyrics. It's Devo meets the Foo Fighters with splashes of Blur, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, jazz and funk thrown in to create a heady mix of highly listenable pop-rock."

- REVIEW: Rolling Stone Magazine, Australia

"Blowing Dirt is the strongest track on Good and is pretty much a clear indication of the GoodShirt blueprint. It is basically a Triple J friendly mix of melodic vocals, slightly distorted guitars and bouncy electronic keyboards."

- 'GOOD' ALBUM REVIEW: Beat Magazine, Australia

Tour Dates

09/09/03 London Barfly, 49 Chalk Farm Road 10pm 5 6

10/09/03 Cardiff Barfly, Kingsway 9pm 4 5

12/09/03 Glasgow Barfly, 260 Clyde Street 10pm 4 5

13/09/03 Edinburgh Whistle Binkies, 4-6 South Bridge 9.30pm FREE

14/09/03 Liverpool Barfly, The Masque Venue, 90 Seel Street 10pm 4 5

15/09/03 Bristol Fleece, 12 Thomas Street 10pm 5 6

17/09/03 London Clapham Grand, Opposite Clapham Junction Station 9.45pm 8 10

About Barking Spiders:

Barking Spiders, the first UK, Internet based music-management company was launched this August in a bid to combat the "crisis" facing the music industry today.

In response to the dwindling singles market and threats posed by CD piracy and illegal downloading on the Internet, Barking Spiders have pioneered a unique approach to releasing singles by unsigned artists. By releasing music for free, through the Internet, Barking Spiders expects to raise the profile of high quality artists from the UK and abroad, promoting real talent to influential broadcast channels without suffering the costs of releasing a CD single.

Barking Spiders also expects to influence further change within the Official Charts Company to develop a more relevant measure of success for artists. In order for UK artists to compete at International level, the UK music industry needs to align itself with international territories, producing quality artists under a method of distribution that focuses on the success of album sales rather than the success of a single. Barking Spiders supports the movement already initiated by certain radio stations that the official singles chart would be best based on a combination of physical sales, Internet downloads and airplay.

Barking Spiders will be launching with a band named GoodShirt, (nearing double platinum in their home country - New Zealand) whose debut single, 'Blowing Dirt', will be released on September 1st. The single will only be available on the Barking Spiders website as a free download. However, a limited edition 7" vinyl will be available for purchase in selected independent record stores RRP 1.99 and on the website at 2.99 (inclusive of postage and packaging) and will include a previously unreleased b-side track that will never officially be available in digital format.

Although not a major feature at site launch, Barking Spiders will become a valuable source of up-to-date information, highlighting changes in the music industry and providing useful links and articles written by independent and influential writers.

Barking Spiders does not endorse illegal downloading.

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