Good Shoes Live at The Social Nottingham.

Good Shoes

22nd of March and it is still freezing, not to fear it's a night in The Social and hopefully a band on which will warm this cold March night. In short there certainly is and we can go on for hours about the puns on Good Shoes. Do they have Good Shoes??? And all that kind of dribble. Well one thing is for sure and that is that their name has got everyone talking, which can only be good for the band. That equals more interest, people wanting to know what they sound like etc etc…. The thing is that Good Shoes do have the songs to back them up such as 'We Are Not The Same' and 'Small Town Girl'. The final question would have to be can they cut it live?

The sound of raw Indie pop and not far from The Jam, with the start stop vocals by Ryhs Jones. Good Shoes open with 'Nazanin' and from the first 30 seconds you just know that this is going to be a good night (pun not purposely done). This lot who are based in Morden are as good if not better live than they are on record. This is what I look for in a band. A band that can do it live, cause lets face it anyone can tweak a record here and there to make it sound perfect. I just loved it when they played 'Small Town Girl' and Rhys Jones uses his vocals in a shouty way that just makes the record so much better. 'Valley Boy' is introduced pulsating guitars and the crowed are obviously now right in the swing of it all. The night goes on with 'All In My Head' and surely by now anyone who was sitting on the fence are now hypnotised by this distinctive Indie Rock/Pop whichever way you want to dictate it.

The end is here, but the Nottingham crowed want more and yes Good Shoes reappear for the encore which basically was 'Modern' In all a top night and I have no doubt that the following of Good Shoes will grow and grow and grow.

If I was to be really really picky then I would say that the only disappointing thing was that they didn't play 'Blue Eyes' and 'Male Annoy', but they have to hold some back to keep the Good Shoes faithful wanting more.

Mark Moore

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