Review of The Illness Single by Good Books

The Illness
Single Review

Good Books The Illness Single

The jury is still deliberating over hotly tipped four-piece GoodBooks.

Some would call them the best thing since sliced bread, others want them rounded up and sent to the stocks alongside the likes of Athlete and Snow Patrol.

'The Illness', quite frankly, doesn't do much to justify the case for either. Whilst being an interestingly quirky pop tune that isn't a million miles away from Athlete in their 'Vehicles And Animals' persona, it certainly doesn't beat Allinson's Light Wholemeal either, so any notions of grandeur may be a little premature just yet.

On the other hand, this single doesn't irritate, or meander, or re-write the aural definition of boredom either, so those four places in the stocks will remain reserved a little longer. For now, at least.

Dom Gourlay

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