Review of R'n'b Single by Goldie Lookin Chain

Goldie Lookin Chain
Single Review

Goldie Lookin Chain R'n'b Single

More like the Bashstreet Kids than NWA, Newport rappers Goldie Lookin Chain have somehow avoided becoming another novelty act and are now preparing to tour with Feeder. Their chav-tastic image and humorous songs such as "Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do" have made them firm student favourites, and this is the second cut to be taken from their second album "Safe As F*ck".

"R'n'B" opens with an acoustic guitar melody that is so cheesy that even Craig David would reject it. The combination of slow and fast raps, along with a harmonious chorus, makes them sound like Blazin Squad – but the difference is that GLC, as ever, don't take themselves seriously. The lyrics are entertaining, which includes name-checking practically every boy band since New Kids On The Block, and as long as it's taken with a pinch of salt, it's a decent enough song.

Alex Lai