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Is 'Pacific Rim 2' Really A Good Idea?

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With a slew of epic monster movies hitting cinema screens in recent years it seems there is a genuine renaissance in the sub-genre of disaster movie that bestowed upon the world the likes of Godzilla and King Kong. Pacific Rim, drawn from the imagination of Guillermo Del Toro, is a thoroughly contemporary take on the monster movie blueprint- awash with a myriad of spectacular CGI that resembled nothing short of a visual banquet.

Pacific RimDel Toro's Pacific Rim was a huge international hit but underperformed in the US.

The epic nature of the film posited a grand departure for Del Toro, who made his name through taut and often fantastical horror flicks including the Oscar-winning Pan’s Labyrinth. Del Toro has recently revealed that a second film was being developed even before the release of the first, yet it has still to be officially given the go ahead by the film’s developers, Legendary Pictures. As such, it seems that Pacific Rim is heading in the direction of most blockbuster films that have hit the cinema as of late and being dragged out into a franchise.

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Picture - Aaron Taylor- Johnson - European... London United Kingdom, Sunday 11th May 2014

Aaron Taylor- Johnson - European premiere of 'Godzilla' held at the Odeon Leicester Square - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 11th May 2014

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Godzilla and Francesca Hull

Godzilla Seizes The Day At WonderCon - Director Gareth Edwards Describes Complicated Re-Imagining Of Legendary Monster

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We've been catching mere glimpses of Godzilla in every version of the trailer going but titillated fans at the WonderCon were finally rewarded with an exclusive sneak peak at the movie ahead of its release.

Fans at WonderCon have finally seen Godzilla's face in a sneak preview of the upcoming movie.

Fans at the Warner Bros. presentation at the WonderCon festival held in Anaheim, CA this weekend were thrilled to finally see a complete Godzilla in an exclusive clip from the upcoming movie. The biggest thrill for hundreds of fans who had crammed together to witness this sneak peak was seeing Godzilla's face for the first time. MTV, whilst not the most descriptive of sources, claimed the famous reptile's face was "everything fans had hoped for: vaguely T-Rex-ish, definitely reptilian, and a whole lot of awesome."

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