Review of Made Up Stories Album by Go:Audio

Review of Go:Audio's album Made Up Stories.

Go:Audio Made Up Stories Album

Formerly known as The Vacancy, Go:Audio claim to be a new pop rock band with an electronic edge. They are set to release their debut album 'Made Up Stories' after some success from their debut release which is was an EP called 'Woodchuck'. The most tremors ironically came from the Kerrang! Scene, have they all gone soft? Enjoying 'pop rock' absolute madness (no not the band Madness)

Originality shown as the opening track is actually the album title track, but hey lets not judge just on that fact alone. How about we take a listen of their music? So the title track 'Made Up Stories' is fast fiery track, as way of an introduction it is brilliant, but why Kerrang have latched onto these guys is a mystery because this track and 'She Left Me' has cast iron Busted/McFly all over them.

Some people would be over the moon about being compared with the likes of McFly and Busted; others however would take it as a massive insult. How Go:Audio would take it who knows? The thing is that in reality it's only a couple of tracks that have this sound. 'Drive To The City' has a bit more going on and with synthesizes and all sorts of electronic sounds going on.

Naturally they have squeezed 'Woodchuck' onto the album and this is by far the stand out track that walks on the fine line of heavy rock and pop rock. You just don't know which way this track is going to go, which path will it take? It really doesn't matter 'Woodchuck' is just a banging tune. The only thing that does actually spoil 'Woodchuck' is the following track. You have just had a massive adrenalin rush and then 'This Isn't Hollywood' a slow ballad that just does not belong on this album at all. This should have been saved for a B-Side, shelved or placed in the grey receptacle provided (that will be the bin). Sadly this is not the only kind of song on the album, 'I'm With You' another soppy ballad. These guys need to realize that they need to stick to what they are good at and ballads is not one of them.

The album finishes off with a mad electro style tune in the shape of 'Forget About It' and this just shows that maybe the band need to decide which genre they want to be in because when they try to be a Jack of all trades then the standard drops. Pop rock is where they should stay, that is when there music sounds most electric.

The interesting 'Anorak' fact about Go:Audio is that they among their band they don't have a bass player, but for this four-piece that is what seems to suit, each to there own and all that. Just remember "Every days a school day"


Mark Moore

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