In the late '70s and early '80s, one man is believed to have slaughtered over 300 little girls. Pedro Alonso Lopez, the "Monster of the Andes," holds the ignoble title of being the worst serial killer in history after his unimaginable string of murders in Columbia, Peru, and Ecuador. Crónicas, from writer/director Sebastián Cordero, translates those killings to the present day, in a media-saturated Latin America. He posits, in this riveting thriller, that if it had happened today, the results may have been even worse.

The film opens with one of the most harrowing depictions of a near-lynching ever captured on film. In a small town in Ecuador, mourners hold a funeral for the most recent victim of the "Monster of Babahoyo," whose tally of tortured, butchered children is already in the hundreds. After the ceremony, the twin brother of the victim is suddenly run over in a tragic accident. In a murderous rage, the father of the boy and some of the townspeople attempt to immolate the driver, Vinicio (Damián Alcázar). At the last minute, he is saved in part by the efforts of Manolo (John Leguizamo), a famous telejournalist there to cover the slayings.

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