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"Blue Sky"

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Gliss Blue Sky Single

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Those who were at the summer festivals and strayed from the main stages may have caught a glimpse of Gliss, a trio from L.A. that formed in 2004. A year later they were supporting ex-Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, touring the American west coast, and playing throughout Europe.

Opening with a riff that could belong to Franz Ferdinand, "Blue Sky" is a broody up-tempo affair. Sung in an androgynous style, the bass and guitar combine to create a funky chorus on a highly impressive track. "Halfway Gone" is equally stunning, though takes a slower, more atmospheric approach, dragged along by the bass line. It's reminiscent of early Muse – which is all the praise you need to tell you that Gliss are worth checking out.

Alex Lai

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