Review of Morning Light Single by Gliss

Review of Gliss' single Morning Light.

Gliss Morning Light Single

Alternative rock trio Gliss garnered critical acclaim for their debut album, 'Love The Virgins', and though it wasn't followed by commercial success the band did hit the headlines for allegedly playing support slots with Orson minus their clothes. Currently on a run of London shows, the band plan to return in the autumn for dates around the UK.

The lead single from their second record 'Devotion Implosion' (due for a UK release in October, already available in America), 'Morning Light' is a dreamy mid-tempo tune that unwinds around Martin Klingman's trademark androgynous vocals. It is a beautiful soundscape featuring a seductive chiming guitar line, growling rhythm section and distortion that will leave your head completely messed up, but in the best possible way. It's not the most obvious choice for a single and don't expect mainstream radio to be blasting it out, but 'Morning Light' proves the qualities of 'Love The Virgins' were not a one-off.

Alex Lai

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