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Broadway Barks 17

Glenne Headly, Marylouise Burke, Jayne Houdyshell and Rosie Perez - Broadway Barks 17, an annual event to benefit NYC animal shelters and adoption agencies, held in Shubert Alley. at Shubert Alley, - New York City, New York, United States - Sunday 12th July 2015

Glenne Headly, Marylouise Burke, Jayne Houdyshell and Rosie Perez
Jayne Houdyshell, Glenne Headly, Rosie Perez and Marylouise Burke
Rosie Perez and Glenne Headly
Rosie Perez and Glenne Headly

Sticks And Bones Opening Night Party - Arrivals

Glenne Headley - Opening night after party for The New Group production Sticks and Bones, held at the Out NYC hotel - Arrivals. at Out NYC hotel, - New York, New York, United States - Friday 7th November 2014

Glenne Headley
Glenne Headley

Don Jon Review


With this writing-directing debut, Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivers a remarkably assured comedy-drama while also giving himself a role that's far against his usual type. It's raucously hilarious but also surprisingly involving as it reveals the vulnerabilities of a strutting hard-man. And we're having so much fun that we barely notice that the script's approach to addiction is somewhat simplistic.

The title character is such a dude that his friends call him "the don", in reference to New Jersey gangsters. And Jon (Gordon-Levitt) has his life figured out, with a list of things he cares for: his body, home, car, family, church, friends and girls. In that order. But above everything else, his main obsession is porn. Then while hanging with his friends Bobby and Danny (Brown and Luke) he spots Barbara (Johansson), a perfect "dime" who's worth playing the long game for. Except that she has zero tolerance for pornography, so he has to hide his addiction from her, only confessing to his parish priest and an unexpectedly sympathetic fellow student (Moore) at night school.

Like a character from Jersey Shore, Jon is such a charming loser that we can't help but love him. But despite the macho swagger and gym-honed physique, he's also deeply devoted to his parents (the fabulous Danza and Headly) and happiest when he's cleaning his flat. Gordon-Levitt wouldn't be the first actor you'd think of in this role, but he plays it perfectly, letting us see the little boy behind the tough-guy posturing and making us believe that he's fallen for the charms of this idealised woman (Johansson is simply hysterical).

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Opening Night After Party For The Jacksonian - Arrivals

Glenne Headly - Opening night after party for the New Group production of The Jacksonian held at KTCHN restaurant - Arrivals - New York, New York, United States - Friday 8th November 2013

Glenne Headly
Robert Falls, Glenne Headly, Juliet Brett, Bill Pullman, Beth Henley, Amy Madigan and Ed Harris
Glenne Headly, Bill Pullman, Juliet Brett, Amy Madigan and Ed Harris
Robert Falls, Glenne Headly, Juliet Brett, Bill Pullman, Beth Henley, Amy Madigan, Ed Harris and Scott Elliott
Glenne Headly

Don Jon - Featurette

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore talk about their new comedy drama 'Don Jon' - Joseph's directorial feature debut about a New Jersey guy struggling to find true love in a world where he objectifies everything. 

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Don Jon Trailer

Jon Martello enjoys his routine lifestyle which involves working out, maintaining his apartment, driving a flash car, seeing his family, going to church, hanging with his boys, pulling pretty girls and, crucially, watching porn. The expectations he builds watching X-rated internet videos is a massive contribution to the fact that he doesn't have long lasting relationships with anyone, despite his friends nicknaming him Don Jon for his ability to take home a stunning woman whenever he likes. However, after setting eyes on a beautiful blonde at a club, he has more than just a one night stand on his mind and arranges to meet her for a date. When they appear to begin seeing each other regularly (to the delight of his grandchild-less mother) things seem to be going better for him than ever before; that is, until, she catches him enjoying his daily dose of obscene web action. Jon now realises he has a lot of lessons to learn if he wants to be with the woman of his dreams.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt ('Looper', 'Lincoln', 'Inception', 'The Dark Knight Rises') stars in his directorial feature debut 'Don Jon' which also marks his first full-length screenplay. It's a comedy about a seemingly normal New Jersey guy who, though happy as he is at the present, could be slowly destroying his future. It will hit UK cinemas in the Autumn on November 15th 2013.

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The Joneses Review

A darkly comical satire about affluence might seem a bit ill-timed during a global recession. But a strong cast makes this film very watchable, even as it slips into melodrama.

When the gorgeous Kate and Steve Jones (Moore and Duchovny) move into a wealthy suburb with their equally alluring teens Jenn and Mick (Heard and Hollingsworth), the locals notice their fabulous clothes, gadgets and cars. And of course start trying to keep up with them. But the Joneses aren't a family: they're a team of marketing experts whose performances are measured by how they affect sales in this town. And as they work to keep their boss (Hutton) happy, their neighbours (Headley and Cole) are paying a heavy price.

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The Joneses Trailer

Kate, Steve, Jenn and Mick are The Jones family, they are picture perfect, as is their house and everything else in their lives. Beautiful people living beautiful lives that everyone from neighbours to school friends envy.

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The Amateurs Review

Andy (Jeff Bridges) is, as they say, an idea man. He mopes and mopes until a brainstorm hits him and launches him out of the bar: Say, getting everyone in his small town to sell vitamins in a pyramid scheme, only to find that, if everyone's selling, no one's buying.

An idea man, you see.

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Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Review

Quick -- name three subjects you think would result in a surefire family film hit. If you said The Great Depression, hobo culture, and the social pariah realities of both, you are clearly one of the suits that saw fit to greenlight Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Granted, this starring vehicle for Little Miss Sunshine's Abigail Breslin, does fit her perky Oscar-nominated spunk to a T. But the dour backdrop of America in the throes of a bleak fiscal future, along with the resulting rampant homelessness, is enough to give modern audiences some substantial mortgage crisis déjà-vu.

When her dad (Chris O'Donnell) loses his car dealership and heads off to Chicago to look for work, Cincinnati's own Kit Kittredge (Breslin) helps her mother (Julia Ormond) turn the family home into a boarding house. There, they take in several guests, including the snooty Mrs. Howard (Glenne Hedley) and her son Sterling (Zach Mills), wacky mobile librarian Miss Bonds (Joan Cusack), doe-eyed dance instructor Miss Dooley (Jane Krakowski), and struggling magician Mr. Berk (Stanley Tucci). When a string of crimes is linked to a rise in the transient population, Kit puts on her wannabe-reporter's hat and investigates. Her goal: to become the youngest journalist on the city paper and discover the truth of what's going on.

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Premiere Of Kit Kittredge Held At The Grove

Glenne Headley Saturday 14th June 2008 Premiere of Kit Kittredge held at The Grove Los Angeles, California

Glenne Headley
Glenne Headley

What's The Worst That Could Happen? Review

Martin Lawrence is not funny. For the proof just turn to his newest film, What's The Worst That Could Happen? -- the answer to its own question if ever there has been one.

I don't know how Martin Lawrence -- the former 1987 Star Search winner with an arrest record that would make Tommy Lee envious -- has been able to survive with all of the bad, bad films he has starred in during the past 6 years. [Two words: Bad Boys. -Ed.] Big Momma's House, Blue Streak, Life, and A Thin Line Between Love and Hate are all forgettable movies which can be found in quantity on the clearance table at your local video store. But survive he has, and in Worst, Lawrence is a mediocre Eddie Murphy stuck playing another jewel thief in another run-of-the-mill studio comedy.

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Fandango Review

Kevin Costner didn't get his start in Fandango, but he might as well have. This classic comedy gave us an early-career Costner as head of the "Groovers," a band of five roommates who decide to take one quick road trip after graduating from The University of Texas in 1971 -- only to find the spectre of Vietnam (and marriage) waiting for them in a matter of days.

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Breakfast Of Champions Review

The word "unfilmable" is often bandied about over cult classic books. That never stops people from filming them.

Witness The English Patient, which turned out to be filmable after all. And then there was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which wasn't. But maybe unfilmable is the wrong word. Breakfast of Champions might have proved filmable, but it sure isn't watchable.

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Glenne Headly

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