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Saw II Review

When I was living in New York, I had the misfortune of spending a better part of one night in Penn Station. Tired of wandering, I wound up in the men's room around 3:45 AM and was greeted by quite a sight: a homeless man bathing in the sink, another making dreadful noises in a toilet stall, and a janitor sweeping up God know what off the yellow tiled floor. The janitor was smoking and the bathing homeless man asked him for a drag. The janitor requested that the homeless man to show him his teeth and the homeless guy obliged, presenting a sore mouth with maybe two or three black and yellow teeth jutting from obscenely swollen gums. The janitor said, "Alright," shrugged, and then let the guy take a drag of his smoke. After the guy with the rotting mouth took a nice long drag, the janitor took back the cigarette and smoked the rest of it.

Saw II made me feel like I was watching that same thing for 90 odd minutes. It's a picture as revolting as it is needless.

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Menace II Society Review

Life in the hood is pretty bleak, but if you're Caine or O-Dog, it doesn't get much worse than this. The Hughes brothers' widely hailed (and often imitated) ode to life in South Central L.A. is morose and overflowing with violence -- to the point where you'll get blown away just for making a comment about someone's mother. Our hero Caine wants to get away from it all -- but his efforts don't amount for much. In the end, Menace isn't much more than a tragedy about street life -- but it never really makes a point. If this world is so bad, why glamorize it so much? To be sure, it's in an influential and powerful story -- but it comes off as considerably more shallow than the reality it claims to portray.

Spy Games Review

Serious-funny-romantic? Irène Jacob as a Russian spy? Well, Spy Games is a rough production, which probably explains why you've never heard of this film. Jacob and Bill Pullman are on opposite sides of the post-Cold War spy game... all while trying to get it on. It's very silly and improbable, but the leads -- and the inimitable Bruno Kirby -- are hard not to like.

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Thursday Review

A definite sleeper, not for the faint of heart. Thursday features 24 hours in the life of a reformed drug dealer, who has been trying to put his life in order for the last four years. When his old partner rolls into town and drops a load of smack in his L.A. house, all manner of nefarious sorts stop by to collect it. Body count ensues, plus Paulina Porizkova in (and out of) a red, rubber dress. I'll buy that for a dollar.

Showgirls Review

It's so bad it's good. But hey, it ain't that good.ay?

Showgirls is the capper in writer Joe Eszterhas' storied career. First came Flashdance. Then he shocked us with Basic Instinct. Then he writes Showgirls, an ultra-explicit NC-17 drama about a Las Vegas showgirl who goes from nobody to "Goddess" by playing the Power Game better than everyone else.

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