Country star Glen Campbell has offered up his support to his estranged son Kane, insisting he would be "glad" to help the recovering drug addict get clean.
Kane Campbell has struggled with addiction for several years and he recently served time at California's Corcoran State Prison on vandalism charges, walking free in 2011, just months after his Rhinestone Cowboy father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
And the 43 year old admits he knew he had to do something to repair their failed relationship, before his dad's condition got worse.
Speaking to the National Enquirer, he says, "I don't want my dad to die thinking I was the son who never got his life together. I just want one more chance to tell him that I love him and that I'm sorry - and I want to say goodbye.
"I know I haven't led the life my father would have liked, but I still love him and I'd do anything to see him again. I got out of prison about a year ago and I'm sober and trying to get my life back on track."
And the 76 year old Grammy winner reveals he's certainly open to a reunion, adding, "I've heard my son Kane is out of prison and I would be glad to help him out."
Kane's mum is Campbell's second wife Billie Jean, a former beautician.