Much like her appearance on Saturday Night Live, Lindsay Lohan spent much of her guest appearance on Glee making light of her troubled past. The show's stars, Lea Michele and Chris Colfer, told MTV News that they were not surprised that people had been spreading rumors about her time on the show's set. According to the gossip grapevine, Lohan had arrived late to the set because she'd been up partying all night.
Lea explained that "you never really know what's true and what's not. From what we know, she did her stuff and we were busy shooting ours." Lohan's not the only celebrity making a cameo in the episode, either. Perez Hilton, the famed celebrity blogger also pops up but apparently Perez was unusually tight-lipped when Mtv tried to investigate into the truth of the rumours about Lindsay's errant behavior during filming. Lindsay was playing herself in the show and her performance was full of wise cracks and self-deprecation: "I show up here and there isn't even a red button I can push and a chair that can spin me around, where I can then point at a kid onstage and say, 'I want to work with you'? I'm seriously firing my manager."
She may have hit a few stumbling blocks along the way but it does seem as though Lindsay is on the slow path to making a comeback. She dodged public criticism having been cast as Elizabeth Taylor in a forthcoming biopic with a certain degree of grace and regardless of the on-set rumors, her guest slot on the hit program seems to have gone down well with the public.