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Gledhill Roots Single

Despite their lead singer being named David Gledhill, this Sheffield-based band actually took their name from a tribe named The Gleds. Zane Lowe gave their demo airplay, and they've made the most expensive song in the history of label Fierce Panda, which also helped to launch the likes of Embrace. Perhaps most impressively, their debut album is being recorded with Owen Morris – the man who aided Oasis to their early success.

For those who like their indie music laced with a bit of energy and tempo, "Roots" could be the answers to your prayers. Uplifting melodies flow through a pulsating anthem that is everything that pop music should be – and there's even a music break for those audience-handclapping moments that look so good at festivals. By comparison, "Illuminated" fades to mediocrity, but things are looking up again with summer-vibe of "Good Sensations". Such is the potential of Gledhill it isn't even necessary to advise you to check them out, because like all good music, you'll hear it sooner or later.

Alex Lai

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