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Gledhill Constellations Album

It is always going to be hard for the likes of Gledhill at this moment in time, the reason being is because once people hear that they are from Sheffield, well there is hell to pay, people automatically expect another Arctic Monkeys or better! There can be no comparison with the two bands; they are two totally different bands and two totally different sounds.

The five piece from Sheffield are set to release their debut album 'Constellations', on the back of releasing two singles, that are both on the album. Keeping themselves busy they are already planning to release single number three off the album in June, 'Good Times Ahead'. Excuse the pun, but I am sure that these guys are hoping for good times ahead. They do have an impressive line up of influences, which range from The Smiths to the likes of Bruce Springfield.

So what does this 11-track album have to offer us? Unfortunately I do have to say not a great deal. A lot of the songs do sound very much the same, and at times everything is at the same level, what I would call a comfort zone. Sometimes you need to come away from the rules and just blast it out and have a totally different direction. It is not all bad 'Good Times Ahead' does have a bit of a Coldplay sound mixed with a bit of Crowded House thrown in, with the tracks like this we all know that there is an audience for it. The opening track, is a bit different and does have a bit extra, which is a good way to start the album. Incidentally it is also the album title track.

I think that the singles do stand out and some of the other tracks would be more fitting as B-Sides. Maybe that got a bit eager in releasing the album with getting a record deal I don't know. There is potential within this band and with my opinions I could be way off. I like a gamble with tracks and I think that Gledhill have most definitely played it safe with this album. Saying that though Coldplay, played it safe with their latest album, and look at the sales and awards they received. So I am not saying that this way is a bad thing, I am just saying I like that something different!

Mark Moore

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