With the Glastonbury 2014 weather forecast predicating a rain-soaked festival, ticketholders should stock up on towels, pack those wellys and embrace what is sure to be a muddy ol’ time. 

Glastonbury mudIt probably won't be this muddy, but we're suggesting you prepare for the worst...

In fact, the only thing predictable about this weekend’s weather forecast in the South West of England, where the legendary festival takes places, is its unpredictability. Expect dramatic changes of temperature, cloudbursts of rain and even blazing sunshine. The order of which: anyone’s guess.

But seasoned festivalgoers will be used to this; Glastonbury has become famous for washouts, producing iconic images of revellers caked in mud and celebrities doing their best to stay glamorous admits the pools of brown sludge.

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If there is a silver lining to the clouds that are predicted to forsake this year’s festival, then it’s the fact that dry weather is predicted right up until the gates open, meaning revellers might not be in store for a total mud-covering. And its not likely to dip too far under 20 degrees, so at least you won’t be freezing, huh?

Answering questions from famous musicians, poets and comedians on The Guardian, the festival’s founder, Michael Evis, said of Glasto” I love putting it together, you know. I get a real buzz out of it. It gets better every time, that's why when people ask me for my favourite year I can never say,” in response to Miss Dynamite’s question.  

“The first one was significant, of course, with Marc Bolan and T Rex, only a pound to come in and free milk. It didn't work financially because not many turned up, but as an idea it was a great success. As for the future, I just hope the event can improve the quality of people's lives and the aspirations of people who haven't got a lot going on. I'd like to think it could inspire people with a vision of what they can do.”