Giuliana Rancic believes having a happy marriage is important to her son's future happiness.

The 37-year-old 'Fashion Police' recently caused controversy when she said she and her husband Bill put their relationship first and their son Duke second ''because the best thing we can do for him is have a strong marriage'' but she has now clarified her comments.

She explained to E! News: ''Bill and I understand that my comments have sparked some debate and feel it is a good thing to open the conversation about how to find a balance between your marriage and your children.

''Your relationship is the first example your child learns from and we will do everything we can to show our child how much we love, respect and are devoted to one another. He can only benefit from this, and hopefully it will carry over into his other relationships throughout his life.''

Giuliana and Bill have been together for seven years and they don't plan to put their relationship second just because they have a child.

She added: ''After seven years together we adore and respect one another more than ever and are proud of the bond we share and will continue to share it with our son, whom we love very much.''